A Turn-Key Integrated Technology Solution for Urgent Care, Primary Care and Rural Hospitals. We provide access to credentialed specialists using our telemedicine platform


Re-imagining healthcare delivery and access.


CareRemote is a healthcare group that provides speciality services through telemedicine. We connect providers with specialists for virtual visits.

Community Health Centers, Critical Access Hospitals and Clinics

Programs can be adjusted to your facility based on medical and technical resources.


Increase revenue decrease costs. Based on evidenced based medicine used at the point of care. Systematic and consistent care across the practice.


Guidelines and standards for imaging interpretation in accordance with accreditation organizations.


Video visits with internal quality and performance measures for all services provided. High Patient and Provider satisfaction

Medical Billing for Telemedicine

We perform billing services for telemedicine

Quality and Auditing

Our physicians are U.S. based and board-certified. We audit our work and continuously improve based on our metrics.


Gain access to a specialist dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Administration and Operations

Avoid front desk scheduling and check-in staff, real time insurance eligibility and reduce bad debt

Veterans Administration (VA)

Providing care and access to our veterans via telemedicine

We are now hiring specialists.

We have a stringent hiring process yet, we are seeking for physicians and nurses that would like to practice modern medicine. We provide flexible work hours, higher compensation and reduced workloads in terms of administrative tasks.