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Better Imaging Services with routine 24-48 hour TATs and STAT


Improve Quality

We’ve solved the problem of a shortage of specialists. Access U.S. board-certified in all specialities and the highest quality of care. We work hard to learn from data and feedback allowing us to improve over time.


Expand Your Patient Base with Access

Weekend/evening and call facility coverage for clinical and imaging needs. Seamlessly, add a cardiology service line to your facility. Our platform allows providers to perform imaging interpretations, video visits, curbside consults and more.


Accountability and Backlog Reduction

We offer high or low volume image interpretations and, scheduled coverage is completed on time. Simply put in a request and we’ll  work on backlogs or other specialty care

Our Customers

We serve rural hospitals, community clinics,
urgent care clinics, skilled nursing,
disaster relief organizations and
medical device companies.

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  • We just came across CareRemote a telemedicine platform and service for Cardiology: Pretty amazing stuff!

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